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Phase 2 Congregational Mtg 2013


Phase II Congregational Meeting

Jan. 27, 2013


The “theme” of this year’s Phase II Congregational Meeting was a celebration of all Trinity had accomplished. Council President Sue Mangold noted that we have made great progress three main areas identified in Vision 2010: Building, with the new roof and repainted sanctuary; Youth, with the addition of Seth to our staff; and Mission, with a new emphasis on local as well as distant service projects. David Dare’s work on Communications, especially the beautiful new website, and the social ministry were also lifted up.

Other highlights include:

  • Dan Raudenbush announced upcoming Stewardship campaign.
  • Pastor Rohrbach said that visitors comment on how welcoming our church is. He also noted that worship attendance was increasing, and Dennis Ritter observed how unusual it was to have young people at worship services
  • Seth Noggle discussed the success in building middle school volunteer base to minister to youth.
  • Treasurer Dave Miller reported good news: the General Fund Balance was up to $29,175, due to generous December offerings..
  • Kutztown Kitchen is regularly attended by 60-80 people each month, with the help of various groups within the congregation and outside the congregation (including St. Mary’s RCC and the Kutztown students.
  • The continuing success and growth of Walt and Linda Zawaski’s Potato Project were acknowledged.

Phase 2 Congregational Meeting - Jan 27, 2013

              (photos by Alan Robertson)