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Red Bird Mission Trip - June 2012


On June 16th twelve members from Trinity headed to Beverly Kentucky to attend a work camp hosted by the Red Bird Mission.  The Mission, which has served this community since 1921, is located about eleven hours from Kutztown in the Appalachian region of Southeastern Kentucky. This area is ranked the 4th poorest area in the nation and is very dependent upon the Red Bird Mission for its resources.  The Mission addresses the problems of chronic poverty by providing educational, health and community outreach ministries.  
    Any apprehensiveness our team had quickly vanished as we formed new relationships with other church congregations and residents of the Beverly community.
We worked hard replacing floors, painting, tiling, fixing doors, and fitting molding and baseboard trim.    It was amazing how the Holy Spirit guided the various work teams through the work assignments, using everyone’s talents and skills to complete the tasks.  Many had never attended a work mission or attempted the tasks at hand, but the end result was unbelievable. 
     Dennis, the director of the work camp, provided us with daily inspiration and shared a true story of himself during the service on our closing night.  He was seriously injured in a shooting accident and was not expected to live.  From a coma he sat up three times and told his mother, “they are praying for me”.  His mother was later informed that during the hour her son made this announcement to her, three different church congregations had gathered at a prayer service for his healing.   He reminded us that constant prayer is necessary in our lives. 
     One of Trinity’s teams worked in a mobile home doing repairs for someone who was unemployed.  This man and his parents, who lived beside him, were very kind and grateful people.  Our team became quite fond of them and shared many interesting conversations.  We learned how to make a whistle from a turkey feather and an owl caller from a lint roller.  After two days the family invited us back for a home-cooked
meal when we return to Kentucky.
      Many items at Red Bird are purchased with the box tops for education and Campbell soup labels, including their vans.  Each one, using more that one million labels or box tops was purchased this way. 
      As we gathered the last night of our experience, we agreed we would all do it again.  Amazing things happen when we trust in the Lord, who empowers us to serve Him.  The relationships that developed were such a blessing to each of us, far more important than the work we completed.
      We here at Trinity can continue to pray the Red Bird Mission and the ministries that serve their community.  Save your box tops and labels because they are even a blessing to this Mission.  
In Christ’s Love;
Pastor Keith, Debbie Rohrbach, Joyce Esser, Mary Ryan, Marsha Hoyer, Sue Mangold, David, Anna, and Naomi Owen,  Karen Raudenbush, Debbie and Donald Ziegler.